Friday, August 30, 2013

NEW ! Exclusive Brush & Stamp Set #1 by PamKez and Leterati at Berry Applicious

These AMAZING brushes just are so versatile and your imagination WILL RUN WILD !!

This is the First of many more brush sets to come, and after you see the samples below (just a few from our testers - and believe me there are more - even more beautiful if you can imagine that, but they are busy creating and getting ready to sell ! )  how could you resist getting this set for such a LOW, low price??  Instructions on how to install and use brushes are included for both Photoshop and PaintShop Pro.  I am very pleased and proud of the result that PamKez and I have managed to create ♥ Hugs to PamKez!  And thank you to our testers! ♥  
Our group sat around the "group table" and brushed and stamped madly ..paint splatters everywhere hahahaha..what a lovely mess and divine results!  Thank goodness we all had our smocks on.    They will all show you soon even more - look for them soon!  The brushes are Exclusive to Berry Applicious ☺  Follow the link after the pictures!

Samples from Testers

Shop here at Berry Applicious

Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEW LOT39-E Exclusively at Berry Applicious !

Neon, or soft pastel..whatever paper you put them on, they will change - the elements themselves are a wee bit transparent too.  Backround is transparent.  These are a lot of fun to play with!  . Terms of Use = Items for CU sales must not be more than 30%.  Use it Scrap-4-Hire but credit for any of my items used for sale Must have credits in your  TOU. I would appreciate that should you include anyone else's items, you credit them also - not required, but suggested.  Very easy terms!  Enjoy!  A BerryApplicous Exclusive!

Go Shopping at   Berry Applicious

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NEW ! Papers and Elements Available Now! LOT35-P and LOT36E

Layered papers with varying meshes and styles, these have varying hues of pinks, peaches, buttercream with a bit of roses as accents . Great companion to LOT36-E  that has a modern whimsical tree with tea roses and leaves, with 4 frames, a vase are a great companion to LOT35-P. Vintage meets modern and whimsy.
Terms of Use = Items for CU sales must not be more than 30%.  Use it Scrap-4-Hire but credit for any of my items used for sale Must have credits in your  TOU. I would appreciate that should you include anyone else's items, you credit them also - not required, but suggested.  Very easy terms!  Enjoy!  They are only $1.45 now.

Available in all my stores (click on store name)

NEW Halloween Items in store!! LOT28-E, LOT29-E, LOT30-E, LOT31-E, LOT32E, LOT34

BOO !! Halloween is coming..get prepared to be scared!  I have elements that are just plain scary and some pumpkins attempting to disguise themselves to hide from being made into pumpkin pie, and some that are just plain naked!  They are all going for $1 each right now.  Yes, I know some pumpkins are just plain weird..trying to be Elvis, a nerd, an artist, hiding under an umbrella, being king and queen, Caesar, and more!

Available in all my stores (click on store name)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NEW Items in Stores! LOT26-E and LOT27-E

Good morning everyone!  You are having a good day..and even if does not seem like it, I am sending you positive energy to make you have one!  New products in the stores and I do hope you like them! 
Vases and bowls that I designed to have a theme that goes with many - African, Greek, Roman,Modern, Retro,Rock, and more!   Colors of  black,red, teal, blue, stripes and patterns. $1

Transparent 12x12 branches, bushes and trees with blooms, as Elemental Overlays $1.45

Available in all my stores (click on store name)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

NEW Items LOT20-P and LOT21-E in New Store

Lot 20P   Floral vintage or grunged multi layered papers in varying hues with antique crinkled edge/border on some. Works very well with the elements package LOT21-E 

Available at Bee-NCreative4Less  HERE

Lot 21E An Exclusive at Bee-NCreative4Less Floral vintage or grunged multi layered tags or labels in varying hues with antique black chain option.  4 Tags have the
 chain and 4 without.  Great companion to papers from LOT20-P  

Available at Bee-NCreative4Less HERE

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Item in Stores ! Lot19-E

Buttons brads or tacks in denim colors with some in varying hues of stripes and patterns, others with a batik pattern !  

Available at BerryApplicious  
for such a reasonable prices of $1

Thursday, August 8, 2013

NEW in Store LOT17-E

Vases in varying hues of brilliant blue and different shapes with patterns.  3 separate elements.  NOTE:  the stands are not included, they are for display only

Monday, August 5, 2013

NEW in Store Lot13-P

Reminiscent of bandanas and scarves, some with a denim look. Fresh and fun!

New DoodleUP 09 CUCR Freebie. Available 36 hours

Hi Everyone !
I am a little late getting this one up, but if you look at my last post, you will understand why.  I have been busy with an important Collaboration that will help someone raise much needed funds.  
My new DoodleUp also includes the separate elements I used to create the flower and now you can create something new and different with them!  Have fun, Enjoy!


Collaboration for the love of Jenn - called Jenn's Garden

My contribution to this collaboration is but a small part of this wonderful gathering of designs from designers all over the world.  My design is part of a collection, so look in the future for the rest of them at the Berryapplicious store.  Below that is all the information you need to get this giant collaboration!

Collab For Jenn

This amazing Collab has been put together from a vast amount of Designers and CT Staff for our Dear Friend Jennifer Kay. Jenn has been having a very hard time with things recently and this is our way of showing her how much we all love her.
All proceeds from the sale of this Collab will be going directly to Jenn. Please show your support for a wonderful lady and purchase this awesome Collab.
How large is the collab, you ask? This collab is a massive 541MB in total! It has something for everyone.  
And lets not forget the CT Team's input also included in the Collab!
Lets all show our love and support and also a huge Thank you to everyone that has been involved in this massive task.

This Collab is now available to purchase from the following Stores:
                               Berry Applicious: Go Shopping Here!
SPU-SHOP- Go Shopping Here!
EricaWilmaSensibility - Go Shopping Here!
Bee-NCreative4Less: Go Shopping Here!
Scrapz N Stuff: Go Shopping Here! 

Designers who contributed:
ScrapWorx - (*CT also)   and the Director of this Collab <3
Jennys Designz-
Rabid Designz - (
Kissing Kate -
Batschi Batschis Poser-Design -
Scrapz N Stuff -
Pamkez -
HungryHill -
Deborah Morgan
Kizzed By Kelz- (*CT also)
Naughty's Creations-
MissieDawn - (*CT also)
Drea's Creations -
Jane721 - Daz Studio Designs -
ChocUkDesigns - (*CT also)
Leterati -
Inzpired Creationz -
Moonshine Dezinez -
Venomous Creations -
Michelle's Myths -
Sassy Graphics -
Hexchen -
Hana-Designz -
Designs by Claudia -
Cherry Berry -

CT Members:

Robyne's Elegant Designs -
Angel-Lynn - 
Numee's Creative Shangrila -

Collab Preview by: Mrs. W. (Mouse-Clicks) -

Thank you to all of those who helped to put this together. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My New Store at Berry Applicious! and New Item LOT08-QPC in stock now!

When I saw ScrapWorx new mesh items I was instantly smitten with all the designs I could make with them.  So, I asked..if we can collaborate on  quickpage?  Yes..she said !! lucky me.  The result is below, with much adeau..I present: 
A collaboration between myself and designer ScrapWorx. I was inspired to create this quickpage from her two items she has for sale here, Flower Doodads-15 and What a Mesh! Set1. With the "foliage" I created and backround to go with them, I loved how it turned out. Kind of reminds me of HOPE  Enjoy!  My item is very reasonable - $1

You can find it HERE

ScrapWorx has created more 3 more terrific quickpages that have cut-outs for you to insert your pictures and so very convenient for you and are available!  You can go to her site to view them better and/or straight to the store.

Berry Applicious