Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preview of Mini Kit "A Mouse Needs a House" Collaboration Fund Raiser

Here is a preview of my portion of the collaboration that will be sold on Berry Applicious website (and maybe more sites) to raise funds for Jill.  It should be going on sale around the middle of June.  When I get the update, and the link, I will post it of course!

Help Needed for Jill Watkins (Mrs W)

Collaboration of Designers to help raise funds 
This Collab is for one of our own Jill. She is a one in a million and has only a few months to try to raise some money for a new home so would love to do something to help try to raise funds. Any donation is welcome no matter how big or small and this is totally voluntary. 100% of the proceeds from any sales for this will go to Jill. It will be added to Berry Applicious. Thank you for any donations. Hugs Pam

The link for donations, on Jills Blog

My part of the collab will be available around June 17th or sooner, when Berry Applicious finalizes the date.  At that time, the collab will be for sale on that website.  I will show my preview here when completed.  
Wishing a Happy day for all !

Layout Created for Sugarbutt Designs

Good Morning Everyone!  

I created a layout from a  Sugarbutt Designs mini kit   :).  When I get the link for her page, I will post it here, so you can grab her mini kit!  It should be ready Friday.  

This is her mini kit:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog Train Alopecia Areata Awareness Sneak Peak at a Page

You have seen the preview of my kit.  But what I would like to share here is a special page in it that I would like everyone to have as a souvenir to keep, share or do whatever like, just not sell it.  Note the nude figure on the bottom right.  Much is said here.  I tried to show that no matter the adversity we have we are part of the beauty around us.
A link is at the bottom so you can download it anytime

 Get it  HERE

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 20th Blog Train Goes Live

Hi Everyone
What does go live mean?  All of our links will be viable and will be working for those who come here :).  I am excited beyond belief.  This is my first blog train, and my first public showing of my work.  I have not sold anything anywhere - well I have not listed anything anywhere yet..I am waiting to accumulate a few kits or mini kits and then with that experience, I will consider going :" live" also.  Ok here is the preview of my contribution.  My colors do not exactly match the blog trains color palette but I had already done work prior to that decision and all I knew was it was navy and white.  Hope you enjoy anyway!  Don't forget, the link is not live yet.