Thursday, October 31, 2013

NEW NEW ! LOT56-ADX-01 Arte's Doll 01 the START of a brand new collection! Tagger size available also!

Unique art doll from Arte's Doll Collection is drawn and created by me and  is just the beginning! This particular one, is EXCLUSIVE to Bee-NCreative4Less.  She will have many other join her in the collection, in the future.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

WOW - Halloween 2013 Prize Drawing at BerryApplicious !

Any purchase you make at BerryApplicious qualifies you to be entered to win a prize valued up to $10.  I think you would be so pleasantly surprised at what those prizes are!  Come on down and win something!
Visit BerryApplicious now ☺

Monday, October 14, 2013

WooHoo!!!! BerryApplicious Autumn Harvest 2013 Blog Train leaves the station! Freebies!!!

My Portion of Download HERE 
Come hop aboard the Berry Applicious Autumn Harvest Blog Train. Please remember we are all in different time zones, so if a part is not posted, please check back later.

Here are the train stops:

  1. PattyB Scraps:
  2. Country Liv's Graphics:
  3. S.G.Rowe Designs http://
  4. Becky Creations
  5. 2CurlyHeadedMonsters Designs
  6. English Rose Designs

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Collab - Pink is the Word - My Contribution and the WHOLE Collab is available today

Patty Beyer is a hero every single day, parenting three special needs children. But now her health has taken a really bad turn, she's had two heart attacks over the last month and has now also been diagnosed with diabetes. She has no medical insurance, she has no doctor, she doesn't even have the needed minimum testing supplies for her diabetes. So, we thought that those of us who have basked in her love and friendship for so long really ought to be the ones to step up and lend a hand. 
Also, anyone who purchases the collab, will get a FREE tube of choice from UpYour Art (details included in the downloads of the collab)

Part of a huge Collaborative Set  below
Available in these stores:

  Pimpin' PSPers Warehouse-
  Berry Applicious -
  Treasured Scraps -
  Taggers Delight -
  Your Scrap Addiction -
  Honored Scraps -
  Bella's Studio -
 Mystical Scraps -

And all that contributed to this gorgeous collab are:
A Cream'd Creation
Always Creations
Drea's Creations
Freeks Creations
GrnIz Dezinez
Honored Scraps
Hungry Hill
IceholeCyn Creations
Jackie's Jewels
Karra's Kreative Korner
Kissing Kate
Kizzed By Kelz
Krazymom Designz
Leah Lawson
Lee Roberts
Millie's Psp Madness
Mistress Mary's Lair
Moonbeams & Spiderwebs
Moonshine Dezinez
Nat's Nonsense
Redefined Designs
Redheaded Ladybug Scraps
Ruinations By Hayleigh
S.G.Rowe Designs
Serenity Designs
Susan Bosarge

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rebecca Sedwick Collab for Special 13 yr old Girl who took her own life due to bullying

Rebecca Ann Sedwick was a 13 year old girl who was being bullied at school and online.
Unfortunately she took her own life. Her mother can not afford to pay for all the expense a funeral costs. 

So in honour of Rebecca we designers got together and created this huge and i mean HUGE collab.
If you want to help you can go to Scrap-A-Licious and purchase it for just $10. 
All money made goes to the family and the pay pal fees will be paid for by the store owner.

Once you make your purchase you will need to send your receipt to to get your unique code. Please allow 24 hours, as I'm in the UK and i know there is a time difference with some of you. 

Please please if you can help this family in there need for help. 

Thank you, 
*** Update**** 2 girls (12 + 14 yrs old) arrested-facing charges of aggravated stalking

My contribution to the Collab