Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rebecca Sedwick Collab for Special 13 yr old Girl who took her own life due to bullying

Rebecca Ann Sedwick was a 13 year old girl who was being bullied at school and online.
Unfortunately she took her own life. Her mother can not afford to pay for all the expense a funeral costs. 

So in honour of Rebecca we designers got together and created this huge and i mean HUGE collab.
If you want to help you can go to Scrap-A-Licious and purchase it for just $10. 
All money made goes to the family and the pay pal fees will be paid for by the store owner.

Once you make your purchase you will need to send your receipt to to get your unique code. Please allow 24 hours, as I'm in the UK and i know there is a time difference with some of you. 

Please please if you can help this family in there need for help. 

Thank you, 
*** Update**** 2 girls (12 + 14 yrs old) arrested-facing charges of aggravated stalking

My contribution to the Collab


  1. I just sent this out to several hundred people on my online lists. Hopefully, some will purchase this to help this family.
    I wish I had the money to purchase this collab, but maybe there will be people who are touched by the torment this young girl had to go through!!!!
    My grandson ended up going to a different school because of bullying, and the school didn't really address the problem, even though the same children had been doing it for years!!!!

    1. I think that was an absolutely lovely and heartwarming thing to do! I too, had suffering this past December with my sweet sweet granddaughter that commited suicide. At the time I couldnt even talk about it. So this collab had special meaning for me, and I hope that some will be able to help this family. The thought you put into doing this (spreading the word) and commenting makes a person feel so good! Thank you, STrump, Love to you and yours ♥ ♥ ♥, and I dearly hope your grandson is having a better time of it at his new school ☺