Saturday, December 7, 2013

NEW LOT71-EF Free with Purchase at Thrifty Scraps thru December 2013

** NOTE: FREE with PURCHASE of Garland Brush by Gina of Thrifty Scraps til end of DECEMBER 2013 Cute little (am hoping he will melt your heart - oh goodness not himself) Mr.Snowman has a wife/companion too, but you will have to find her elsewhere, at Berry Applicious . When you read my terms of use, you will figure out where to get him.  Personal use, Scrap-4-Hire and Commercial use is allowed but credit for any of my items used for sale Must have credits in your  TOU. I would appreciate that should you include anyone else's items, you credit them also - not required, but suggested.  Very easy terms! More info is in the actual TOU  Enjoy!  

I love using this garland brush and hope you get that, and enjoy my gift! 

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