Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Elizabeth Austin - Fundraisers - Angels and Artists against Lyme Donation COLLAB. A donation is required

 What This Collab Is About

My name is Elizabeth Austin.
In June 2011 I contracted LYME with central nervous system damage (CNS), this led to meningitis, MRSA, chronic co infections, heart and brain damage and most recently "Hyperthyroidism". The doctors predicted I would be "cured" by Sept 2011. That didn't happen. Tubes were put in my heart ( a PICC line). I had a "spinal puncture". My hip "cored out" where the tick bit me.

My profile pic is one taken when I was healthy and happy. 
I was well on my way to becoming a great artist, I still try. However, I'm just fed medication after medication. Nothing works. I'm fed anti depressants and amphetamines & pain pills. These meds made me feel so tired, LYME causes exhaustion by itself, with the meds I'm in a state of confusion and terror. Painting became confusing and difficult, and very slow.

I realized I was just being doped as there is no cure. I've enrolled in The Robert Young Center for counseling./ rehabilitation. I chose pain over drugs. 

I'm on the verge of losing all I worked so very hard for. Mainly...my home. In April 2015 I will owe $6,000.00 to my mortgage company. I was put on an under employment forbearance until April. I'm requesting donations for $8,000.00 to recover my home & make payments while I rehab and eventually undergo the 4 inch throat incision to remove my thyroid.

  Thank you~ God Bless all the LYME warriors and Angels who help us.
Elizabeth Austin

My donation to this collab

Go take a look at the blog where all the rest are and be kind and donate to get your collection of kits etc !

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