Thursday, June 6, 2013

Supreme Team XVContest Round 1

Ok..I jumped in the deep end here (at least, well, chest high) and entered a layout contest  to become a member of the Supreme Team for GoDigitalScrapbooking.  Not my cup of tea  - usually - but I think this is a year where I say "Why not?? "  Do I lose  Do I gain?  Well maybe a unique experience and I most likely will learn quite a few things I don't know -- so its a win for me in the end I think.  Of course, I may wipe out in round 1 of 4 so then I just learn to try again..ahhahahaha.  Oh plus I may meet some great people in this industry. is the result of some papers and elements from the kit we received to play with.  I am having trouble uploading to their gallery..but it is here too

Andrea Gold's Kit that was used is HERE

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