Friday, August 30, 2013

NEW ! Exclusive Brush & Stamp Set #1 by PamKez and Leterati at Berry Applicious

These AMAZING brushes just are so versatile and your imagination WILL RUN WILD !!

This is the First of many more brush sets to come, and after you see the samples below (just a few from our testers - and believe me there are more - even more beautiful if you can imagine that, but they are busy creating and getting ready to sell ! )  how could you resist getting this set for such a LOW, low price??  Instructions on how to install and use brushes are included for both Photoshop and PaintShop Pro.  I am very pleased and proud of the result that PamKez and I have managed to create ♥ Hugs to PamKez!  And thank you to our testers! ♥  
Our group sat around the "group table" and brushed and stamped madly ..paint splatters everywhere hahahaha..what a lovely mess and divine results!  Thank goodness we all had our smocks on.    They will all show you soon even more - look for them soon!  The brushes are Exclusive to Berry Applicious ☺  Follow the link after the pictures!

Samples from Testers

Shop here at Berry Applicious

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